This short blog is the second part of my previous one “feeling guilty”. Here I will dive a little bit deeper into this topic and give you some practical tips.

Especially in the upcoming weeks around Christmas, many women (including myself) experience a lot of guilt related to food. There are several things that happen simultaneously: we break our routines, there are more people in our house than usual (or we are at someone else’s place), there is a great amount of food on the table, etc. and so, naturally, we tend to eat more than usual. 

A lot of food is not bad at all, but the problem arises when our bad conscience about the things we ate hinders us from enjoying time with our loved ones. 

And wouldn’t it be great to enjoy this year’s Christmas to the fullest…free of suffering?

Here are some things that you can do:  

  1. Take your time to question your values! What is really important to you during this time of the year? Is it having a six-pack, looking fancy, saving money, or spending time with your loved ones? I find it extremely helpful to remind myself what matters most to me.. diet can wait until January 😉

  2. Change your mindset! Once you have your values clear, change the way you think about this time! Instead of feeling bad about haven eaten too much, let’s be grateful for all the food that’s on the table and that we are able to be around our loved ones.

  3. Stick to the routines that you enjoy! If you love going for a walk, exercise, doing yoga, or whatever it might be that makes you happy, stick to it! Especially during the holidays where our schedule gets mixed up, it can be helpful to have a fixed point of the day that is reserved only for you and your wellbeing.

  4. Be present! Really try to live in the moment and enjoy every minute with the people around you (even if it’s via zoom)… soak it all in and you won’t even have time to feel guilty 😉

So let’s jump into our comfy pants and enjoy this year’s holidays to the fullest! 😉 

I hope you found these tips to be helpful and wish you a magical pre-Christmas season.

Much love, 



PS: In case you have any questions, you are more than welcome to message me at any time at

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