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Even after your third cup of coffee you still cannot find the motivation to do anything?
Try this. 

Doesn’t matter if you are working from home or at an office, sometimes it can be very hard to keep your eyes open and focus on the tasks of the day. Before you even start working you are already counting the hours until you can go home and take a nap. Does this sound familiar?

Oftentimes the problem is that we don’t allow ourselves to fully wake up before we head out of the house or enter our workplaces in the morning. Although your body seems awake, often your mind is on a completely different level.

Let’s be honest here… what’s the first thing you do when waking up? Turning off the alarm, getting angry with yourself for watching another series on Netflix the night before, quickly checking your social media, spending more time than expected on Instagram, checking the time again, realizing that you are running late, quickly hopping into the shower, getting ready for the day, grabbing your bag and finally running out through the door?

So if the first hours of your day slightly look like this, your body is fully awake and in fight mode but your mind still wanders why the hell Kim Kardashian is famous and you are not. You might already realize that this is often the reason why you cannot focus on work or other things which require concentration.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and watching a good Netflix series at night but we should not allow these habits to influence our life in a negative way. It’s all about balance… right?

Already changing some little things in your morning routine can really make a great difference! I really suggest to try it for yourself. 

Do these 3 things to pump up your energy:

You Time
Invest the first 30 minutes of your day just in yourself (of course you could expand this to 1 or even 2 hours but let’s begin with baby steps here).
These 30 minutes should only be for YOU and taking care of you so that your mind has time to catch up with the body. What would you like to do? Read your favorite book, do some Yoga, get a little workout in, or maybe meditate. Find something that you enjoy and that will give you positive energy

After you are done with whatever you spent your “You Time” with, take a moment to sit down and try the “5-5-5 breathing technique”.

– Inhale very slowly through your nose for 5 seconds
– Exhale very slowly through your nose or mouth for 5 seconds
– Wait for 5 seconds
– Repeat the process three more times (1 minute total)
– Notice how you feel

This is an awesome way to send some oxygen into your brain and really get it working while at the same time calming you down (reducing stress). 

You can repeat this exercise several times throughout the day whenever you feel stressed or tired.

Think of three things that you are grateful for today and write them down. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day, but it can, of course. 
Why is this important?
Do you know the quote “ You attract what you fear”? Basically, with this technique, we are using this exact effect but reversing it. So instead of focusing on the negative or on things that we fear, we focus on the positive and on things that we are grateful for. We will then automatically attract positive things in life, plus it will instantly raise our mood.

For example, instead of being annoyed that you have to wake up early to go to work, that your car’s tank is empty again, and that your favorite colleague is on vacation so you have no one to talk to at work, try this:

I’m grateful…

… for having a job.
… that I can afford a car and don’t have to worry about being able to refill the tank whenever I have to.
… that I have met my colleague at work. She truly makes my life better and I cannot wait until she returns from her vacation.

Do you feel the difference? 🙂 Pssst…. I suggest you get a pretty little notebook for your daily phrases. Mine is shiny, gold, and has glitter flowers on it and I feel super proud every time I open it 😉 

What really helps with implementing your morning routine is preparing for it the night before. First of all, set a reminder when it’s time for bed. What’s also really powerful is to prepare your outfit(s) the day before. Let’s say you want to do some Yoga in the morning and later that day you have an important meeting so you need to look elegant. You can already roll out your yoga mat, put your sports outfit next to it and iron the blazer you will wear the next day. This little trick will make it so much easier to actually push through it. 

I hope you found these tips helpful and got inspired to create your individual morning routine. Don’t be too hard on yourself at the beginning as this is a process and takes time to implement into your daily life. Plus routines can change over time (be open to try new things and see how it works for you).

See you!



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