According to Martin Seligman, we need to find balance within all factors of the PERMA model to live a truly fulfilled and happy life. 

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Now, let me give you some simple tips on how to improve your PERMA score. If you put some work into it, I promise, you will enjoy your life so much more 🙂

Positive Emotion
Express Gratitude! As already explained in another blog, gratitude helps us to focus on the positive things in our life. By doing that, we do not only improve our mood, but we will naturally attract more positive things! 

Go for that ride! Always wanted to try parasailing or skydiving?  Do it! Stepping out of the comfort zone will bring you so much joy and growth! (by the way, with websites like you can get a discount on many awesome activities)

Find what gets you into “the flow” and do it more often 😉 If you haven’t discovered it yet, you can try different things like dancing, painting, meditation, running etc. Remember, it’s something that lets you forget the time and things around you and that you enjoy doing.

Relationships (positive)
Take care of your relationships. For example: spend more quality time with friends and family.

Do something nice for your partner. Surprise him or her with his or her favourite meal or plan something special for the weekend. 

Plan a “Gratitude Visit” (read the last Blog here)

Add some meaning into your life with helping others. Find a project nearby that you can support. For example: Cleaning the ocean, the forest, streets

Donate on a regular basis (you can find many awesome programs here: 

Go for a walk with dogs from a shelter (I personally love doing this! I enjoy going for a walk and like this, I’m not alone and can even to something good)

Set realistic goals that you can reach! I recommend starting with small and easy weekly goals like drinking more water, eating more greens, drinking less coffee, reading a book etc. Like this, you get used to reaching goals and can always go bigger and bigger 🙂

I hope these tips will help you on your journey of happiness! 🙂



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