For everyone who wants to find their calling in life.

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Is it right for you?

Feeling stressed because you haven`t found out what to do in life yet?

Not sure which career path is right for you?

Did you stick to a job that you hate just because you are too afraid to ask yourself what you really want to do in life?

Let this workbook be your guide to a life that you love by discovering your true calling and finding your dream job.



Contains plenty of exercises

With real-life examples

Based on theories that actually work

What do others say?

“Although I have been working for a long time, the workbook helped me to rediscover my lost passion. I finally dare to stand by it and try to align my life accordingly.”
“Great, practical tasks that really go in-depth. Not just another personality test trying to categorize you.”

Note from Author

“It doesn’t matter what job we do – as long as we follow our calling we will be happy.”

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