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Meine Geschichte- wie mich ein unbekannter australischer Pilot inspiriert hat.

Warum beschäftige ich mich eigentlich so viel mit dem Thema Berufung…?

…weil es ein Thema ist, welches mich persönlich sehr viele Jahre meiner Kindheit bis hin ins Erwachsenenalter beschäftigt hat. Ich wollte immer etwas besonderes aus meinem Leben machen und war fasziniert von den Geschichten der Menschen die von Ihren Leidenschaften erzählen und vor allem davon WIE sie diese entdeckt haben


7 Punkte an denen du gutes(!) Online-Coaching erkennst

Als Coach und Psychologin, die sich darauf spezialisiert hat, Menschen bei der Suche nach ihrer Berufung zu helfen, ist es mir mega wichtig, qualitativ hochwertiges Online-Coaching anzubieten. Aber woran erkennt man eigentlich, ob ein Online-Coaching-Angebot wirklich gut ist?


Find a goal that really matters to you!

If you are a bit like me and struggling to actually define (or decide on) a goal then I can assure you that we are not alone. Many people feel the same way but the good news is that there are some exercises that we can do to get clarity! 🙂

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Let this year be the year where you finally reach your goal!

You know what you want in life but it seems so hard to get there. Well, maybe it always felt overwhelming because you did not have the right plan on HOW to make it happen! Of course, the best plan in the world won’t do the work for you… it’s still going to be challenging some days BUT with the right strategy, you can work through it.


Stop finding excuses for NOT working towards your goals, by following these strategies:

Did you know that every human being has a limited capacity for decision-making? This means the more decisions you have to make during your day, the less capacity you will have to actually decide on whether or not you will work towards your goal. That’s why it’s super powerful to reduce the number of decisions and “force” yourself to do something.


Feeling bad about saying NO? 

Let’s say you had a busy day, you are exhausted and just want to stay home, take a bath and go to bed early but your friend asks you if you can come over to her house and listen to her problems at work. The last thing you want to do at the moment is to leave the house again and listen to her same problems again and again but as she is your friend you just want to be there for her no matter what.