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In the last two blogs, I was talking about how to define your goal and how to build a master strategy for reaching it. But I know… sometimes “life happens” and it gets super difficult to actually stick to your master plan! That’s why, in this blog, I will share some tricks with you that will make it so much easier to take action and keep working towards your goal. 

1. Plan ahead!
Did you know that every human being has a limited capacity for decision-making? This means the more decisions you have to make during your day, the less capacity you will have to actually decide on whether or not you will work towards your goal. That’s why it’s super powerful to reduce the number of decisions and “force” yourself to do something. Because, if you don’t have any other option, then it’s no decision, right? 
Let me give you an example! Let’s say you just woke up and want to do a workout, because in your master- strategy plan it says that you want to do one workout per day. You roll out of bed and want to get dressed quickly, you open your closet and see all your colorful sports pants and bras. While you are deciding which one to choose, you remember that you wanted to start your day not only with a workout but also by drinking a cup of water with lemon. So, after you finally decide on the pants, bra, and shirt that you want to wear, you quickly run into the kitchen to prepare the lemon water. You check the time and think “ooooh no!! I just spent 10 min of my workout-time deciding on which outfit to put on! Ok! Let me quickly choose some music…hmm… no not this one… nope…no…ok never mind I will go for this one and will only do the short workout because I’m running late…” 
I think you get my point, right? By preparing the night before, you will not only save time-  but also creative energy! So, take 5-10 before you go to bed to think about your plan, choose your outfit, grab a glass of water with lemon and put it next to your bed, create a workout playlist, etc. I promise you, once you see your workout clothes lying next to you in the morning, you won’t even think twice if you should go for it or not! 😉

2. Create a mantra!
This technique has been extremely helpful to me. By creating a mantra, you make your goal feel much more realistic and reachable because it becomes a part of who you are. 
To create a mantra, imagine yourself after you have already reached your goal and describe yourself. E.g.: “I’m a fit and healthy person!”, “I’m a disciplined, strong and healthy person”, “I’m a successful businesswoman!”. 
Whatever it is that feels right for you, write it down and repeat it every day. You can either write it once on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you will see it every morning, or (even better) you can grab a little notebook and write it down daily. Either way, try to really feel it! Feel strong, successful, fit, etc. 🙂 Remember, our emotions create action!

3. Find a symbol.
Actually, this goes hand in hand with creating a mantra. Find something that symbolizes your success! This can be anything, from a ring, a photo of someone, a little statue, a screensaver, etc. that makes your goal visible and can go with you everywhere. 
For me, it had once been a painting of a golden pig wearing sunglasses, riding on a surfboard (and yes, I was completely sober when I painted it :D). It included all the things that I wanted for my future (bright, like the golden color, relaxed and lucky like a pig with sunglasses, and living on an island surfing all day). And it worked! Well…except for the surfing part, but I’m working on that 😉 
But seriously, whenever I doubted myself on my way or was just having a bad day, I looked at the painting and remembered why I started and what I want in life! I really hope that this trick will help you too! <3

I wish you all the best on your journey! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to me at and I will be happy to get back to you.

See you! 

Much love, 

Claudia <3

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