Neid sollte vermieden und am besten nie zugegeben werden. Aber was wäre, wenn wir den Neid als einen Wegweiser betrachten könnten, eine Art emotionaler Kompass?
Kennst du das? Es passiert etwas Unverhofftes in deinem Leben und du fängst an dich zu fragen warum ausgerechnet dir das passiert? Warum genau jetzt?
Die Theorie legt nahe, dass die Umgebung, in der eine Person lebt, ihr Verhalten beeinflusst. Wenn ein Gebiet heruntergekommen und vernachlässigt ist, neigen die Menschen eher dazu, sich an kriminellen Aktivitäten zu beteiligen.
Die Einwohner der Insel Okinawa, in Japan leben nach diesem Konzept und gelten Bevölkerungsgruppe die am glücklichsten- und längsten lebt. Sie arbeiten ihr gesamtes Leben und denken nicht mal an Pension! Selbst wenn sie ihrem Beruf nicht mehr nachgehen können, bleiben sie aktiv.
Der Begriff des Impostor Syndromes wird vor allem in beruflicher Hinsicht häufig verwendet, doch gerade auch im Zusammenhang mit Glück und Erfüllung spielt es eine große Rolle. Fühlen wir uns nämlich so, als hätte wir keinen Erfolg oder Glück verdient, dann hemmen wir uns das ganze Leben lang.
Zusammengefasst lässt Shakira “mal alles ungefiltert raus” was sie an Ihrem Ex stört. Und? Ist das verwerflich? Hier scheiden sich die Geister… die einen meinen, dass man diese Themen im privaten Rahmen besprechen sollte, die anderen wiederum
Als ich vor 3,5 Jahren nach Teneriffa gezogen bin, habe ich ca. 100 Gefühle auf einmal in mir gehabt. Neben großer Freude endlich bei meinem Partner leben zu können, war einerseits Angst in der neuen Umgebung nicht akzeptiert zu werden, dabei, andererseits Trauer gepaart mit schlechtem Gewissen meine Familie in Österreich verlassen zu haben. 
The goal is to calm your inner child`s longing for love and acceptance and tell yourself that you ARE enough! Enough in every aspect of your life. You are beautiful, smart, brave, strong, funny and everything else you might think of- enough. 
Find what gets you into “the flow” and do it more often 😉 If you haven’t discovered it yet, you can try different things like dancing, painting, meditation, running, etc. Remember, it’s something that lets you forget the time and things around you and that you enjoy doing.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or scared, I can assure you that you are not alone. This situation is really challenging, both emotionally and mentally, for the majority of people.  I’m writing this blog hoping to help you to cope with this craziness.
Do you often find yourself unhappy with a situation in your life but don’t know how to change it? Or do you even think that you cannot change it at all? If you know what I mean then you might suffer from the so-called “learned helplessness”.
The fundamental theory of this book is that every one of us has a specific love language. Once we know our language and the one of our partner, we set the foundation for a beautiful and fulfilled relationship.  The 5 love languages ⁠are
Let’s start by telling you that this blog is the result of an amazing collaboration with Emily, a registered dietitian from Canada, who works with clients in-person and virtually to support women’s health, manage digestive issues, and practice sports nutrition without dieting or food restriction!
If you are a bit like me and struggling to actually define (or decide on) a goal then I can assure you that we are not alone. Many people feel the same way but the good news is that there are some exercises that we can do to get clarity! 🙂 Ready?
You know what you want in life but it seems so hard to get there. Well, maybe it always felt overwhelming because you did not have the right plan on HOW to make it happen! Of course, the best plan in the world won’t do the work for you… it’s still going to be challenging some days BUT with the right strategy, you can work through it.
Did you know that every human being has a limited capacity for decision-making? This means the more decisions you have to make during your day, the less capacity you will have to actually decide on whether or not you will work towards your goal. That’s why it’s super powerful to reduce the number of decisions and “force” yourself to do something.
Let’s say you had a busy day, you are exhausted and just want to stay home, take a bath and go to bed early but your friend asks you if you can come over to her house and listen to her problems at work. The last thing you want to do at the moment is to leave the house again and listen to her same problems again and again but as she is your friend you just want to be there for her no matter what.
I knew that, scientifically, I did not suffer from depression, but I knew that I was not living to my fullest “happiness potential”. To change that, I took some extra courses in Positive Psychology and studies all the techniques. Let me share with you what I found to be the most helpful theory: 
Doesn’t matter if you are working from home or at an office, sometimes it can be very hard to keep the eyes open and focus on the tasks of the day. Before you even start working you are already counting the hours until you can go home and take a nap. Does this sound familiar?
I don’t know what brought you here, but you might feel like you could get more out of your life, especially regarding your happiness. And let me tell you that I truly believe with all my heart that happiness is a choice and everybody can achieve it.